Probox ltd, is a well known company in Israel, which deals with design, development and manufacturing of carrying cases. The company, have been in business since  2007& is an approved supplier to Israeli ministry of defense, and other public organizations. The company has iso 9001;2008.The company deals only with high quality suppliers, for it`s line of cases.

Hardware and fittings are imported from word known suppliers. The company is advocated to; high quality finish, strength, innovation, and durability of the cases, we assist customers from idea/need to final product. Our line consist of; carrying cases for various segments of the market; flight cases, industrial cases,illumination indsutry, show biz, hi tech, entertainment, and more.We use wood, aluminum, and plastic, in our production line.

For more info contact info@probox.co.il


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Probox כתובת: אזור התעשיה נוף הארץ. טלפון: 03-9087688 פקס: 057-7977751
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